8 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Nails Right Now

Nails Right Now: Manicures are highly trendy these days. Even if you like natural beauty and avoid bright nail paints, you cannot care for your nails by removing the cuticle and shaping them. Beautiful, well-groomed nails are the ideal way to dress up our hands. However, we frequently forget about them in our everyday lives and make several blunders in hand care. In this post, we’ll go over eight things you should quit doing to your nails if you want them to be strong, healthy, and attractive.

8 Nail Care Mistakes To Avoid Complete Cuticle Removal

Nature created the cuticle to protect the nail plate from infections, blemishes, and allergic responses. The best choice is to soften and move the cuticle to the nail bed rather than clip it off.

The beauty business has unique products for cuticle care, including oils, removers, and a range of creams. Choose what working is most excellent for you, and your nails will always be well-groomed and gorgeous.

Scissors For Nail Length Correction

Nails Right Now: Because the nail has a scaly structure, employing scissors causes the free edge to distort, the plates to peel, and the pin brittle. If a substantial length must be removed, use special nippers that provide a clean cut without deforming the vessel or its layers.

A specific file is required if the length to be eliminated is short. It provides a tidy and delicate treatment of the nails by forming an equal edge and the appropriate shape of the plate.

Inadequate Nail Filing

Many individuals make the same error while performing manicures at home: they file the nail in two directions, swinging the file back and forth.

This is impossible since the file weakens the plate’s edge and contributes to additional delamination. To file properly, only move the tool in one way.

Using Formaldehyde-Containing Products

Cosmetics are growing increasingly popular, which is fantastic! The beauty industry is constantly introducing innovative, safe care products. The majority of them are free of harmful substances that degrade the structure of the nails, and formulations containing formaldehyde are among the most harmful goods.

The International Agency for study on Cancer is classified as a carcinogen, so don’t endanger yourself. Read the ingredient list on the container attentively and purchase items that do not contain dangerous ingredients.

I Adore Taking Hot Baths.

They were taking a hot bath, which many people like staying in for hours, is the most dangerous enemy of a beautiful manicure. On the other hand, hot water and steam soften the nails and cause them to delaminate.

In this instance, no stuff how hard you try to make a beautiful and long-lasting manicure, your efforts will be futile. If you want to keep your fingertips beautiful, use the “warm setting” or limit your time in the hot tub.

Making Use Of Aggressive Agents

Each substance you use for hand care affects the nail plate. As a result, you must pay particular attention to their selection and avoid using acetone-based cosmetics. They deplete the leaves, adding to their frailty and weakness. Acidic primers and base coats, which are used to guarantee the polish’s strong adherence, are also hazardous.

Such a coating is worn for a long time, but it is tough to remove conventionally. As a result, you must resort to mechanical removal of the layer using a file or an instrument.

As a result, pick lacquers with a balanced formula that will not hurt the plate and disrupt its structure or Ph-balance. SNS Nails, for example, creates excellent and natural products for the benefit and health of nails.

Making Use Of Hard Drives

A natural nail has a multi-layered scaly structure comparable to that of the skin. As a result, it requires correct care, hydration, and nourishment, and files play a critical role in this regard. For natural nails, use files with an abrasiveness of 220/240 Grit. Such files cause no harm to the plate and do not disrupt its structure. Choose glass, wood, or ceramic files instead of metal ones, and quit using metal ones permanently.

Inadequate Polish

Nails Right Now: Nails that have been polishing seem pretty attractive and well-groomed. Use special buffers with a high abrasiveness to make your nails shine (900-1200 grit). When polishing, it is critical to follow various guidelines in order. First, nourishing and moisturizing oil is gently massaging into the nail’s surface with circular motions.

The oil is then massaged into the surface of the plate with a gentle file-polisher, ensuring a dense fit of the nail scales to each other and adding flexibility and stiffness. Despite the gorgeous outcome of the operation, it is crucial to note that polishing should only be done once a month.

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