What Does It Mean To Be GQ Style Approved?

GQ Style: If you’ve ever wonder what it means to dress GQ, here is the place to be. Then you probably have some serious style ambitions. How can one become the pinnacle of GQ masculinity? Here’s a sneak peek at what it takes – and how to put together a magazine-worthy outfit.

Gq Male Information

The GQ gentleman is dapper, refined, and ageless. Simply put, his style motto is to dress well. However, it’s not as easy as a throw on a matching outfit and calling it a day. The GQ man recognizes the value of vintage things, and he may include a few trends to keep things exciting and ever-changing from time to time. His style is flawless, and he is always dressed correctly for every event and occasion. Although not all men would confess it, some men may find themselves envious of the archetypal GQ man’s seemingly straightforward – but perfectly put-together – sense of style.

What Does It Mean To Be GQ-Approved?

Dressing for GQ entails adhering to the magazine’s “commandments of style.” These suggestions may appear simple, yet they are more challenging to follow than they appear. Most guys are unlikely to adhere to the letter, but those who do will be rewarded with a more trendy wardrobe and a more polished look.

It’s crucial to note that these aren’t “rules” in the traditional sense; instead, think of them as a quick rundown of ideas for presenting oneself with a little more flair. Your GQ levels are likely to skyrocket if you seem put-together and wear clothing that fits nicely and match.

  1. Learn everything there is to know about tailoring. It’s pointless to spend a lot on a sharp outfit that doesn’t fit you well. It’s also not a wrong thought to get that new outfit adjusted if necessary. Even suits in your precise size may require minor adjustments. Because a suit is worn for various events, its cut and fit should be impeccable.
  2. If you need it, don’t be afraid to wear the undershirt. No hard and fast rule say you have to wear one, but it’s an excellent option if your pristine dress shirt is see-through and you’d want a little extra modesty. If you sweat a lot, it’s too a good idea to wear one. For the most fashionable results, use a crewneck style.
  3. Your socks should match your suit, not your shoes, to keep with the suit motif. This gives your suit a more streamlined appearance and guarantees that it doesn’t “break” at the ankle. If your suit is light in color, choose a pair of socks that is a shade darker.
  4. Your tie should not be ultra-slim and hipster-style. While the GQ man doesn’t shy away from trends, his style is timeless. Choose one with a width of at least three inches.
  5. A timeless accessory, a sleek, shiny stainless steel watch will serve you well in various situations. Don’t be afraid to splurge here; a decent look should last a lifetime and, in some circumstances, may be passed down for generations.
  6. The term “black tie” refers to a black-tie precisely. Avoid wearing different colors and make sure the material matches the lapel of your tuxedo (a silk tie for a silk lapel, for example).
  7. If it’s true that shoes make the man, then your sneakers should be chosen with care. Choose a classic pair to replace your sporting shoes on a more frequent basis. Converse sneakers from the ’80s (clean ones, of course) are a terrific option.
  8. Your dress shoes may also reveal a lot about your personality. Black is a secure, dependable pick that will never lead you astray, while brown is a superior option if the style is your priority. They don’t go with everything (for example, if you’re wearing a black suit), but they’re incredibly flexible otherwise.
  9. To cuff or not to cuff your jeans, that is the question. That’s an excellent question and one that GQ guys don’t ponder for long. Avoid cuffing your jeans if they are crisp and have a flat front. If you’re wearing single-pleat pants, though, cuff them just a little bit.
  10. How many times have you rummage through your wallet, hoping to find something specific only to find a clutch of old receipts? Wallets aren’t meant to be used as purses, and they shouldn’t be used that way. Instead, use a cardholder, saving you space and allowing you to carry only the essentials. Cash should be kept in a money clip.

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